Poor Toms Story

Poor Toms is the progeny of two best mates. They share ‘Thomas’ as a middle name, a suspicion of tradition, and a passion to bring real pleasure to people’s lives. In 2014 they joined forces with Marcel Thompson, one of the Trans-Tasman Bubble’s most experienced gin distillers. Marcel earned his stripes by producing both Gordon’s Gin and Tanqueray Gin in New Zealand on the copper pot stills tracing back to pre-war London. 

This creative partnership, one part tradition, one part interrogation, would rewrite the gin credo. In the spirit of the flat white, Poor Toms imagined a New World style of London Dry gin that was uniquely Australian. More than making delicious spirits, Poor Toms is in the business of reinterpreting tradition; and to tell their own story over a drink. 

Named after King Edgar’s character in Shakespeare’s King Lear, Poor Tom personifies the modern larrikin spirit that is quintessentially Australian. We make drinks that uniquely capture a time and place, driven by curiosity and imagination.

For wholesales inquiries please contact sales@poortoms.com.